Monday, 10 June 2013

Cloud Server Hosting

Cloud hosting services are gaining tremendous popularity over the internet, with every passing day. They have created a special place for themselves in the World Wide Web hosting, creating success stories for plenty of clients. Cloud server hosting are not only scalable and redundant, they are also highly capable of regulating the web traffic to manage the network overload.
What is cloud server hosting?
Cloud computing is the new concept of certain type of web hosting. But new users get little bit confused about this new concept, usually they ask basic question like what is the difference between cloud based servers and other servers which are not cloud based. The cloud hosting run on clustered server. It means, here the hosting service is handled by using multiple servers rather than using single server. As well as, the load balancing, resources for hardware and one of the important factor securities are completed by virtually.
Cloud server runs over many concepts like as Grid computing and utility computing. This is a total cost effective solution, Here users will charged for processing power, It means you just need to pay for what  you use, So its sounds well because you do not need to pay for something which you are not using.
The main idea behind cloud computing is to handle differences in traffic and simultaneously offers better redundancy and reliability over any basic non cloud hosting package. Primary thing you should notice, cloud computing is not only stands for web service for better reliability.
How to choose a best service provider for your business:
Here are some key points relate to cloud hosting servers:
1.   Cloud server hosting is not a single server that caters multiple clients, rather it’s a collection of servers that are clubbed together to accelerate web hosting services.
2.   When any of the servers break downs of face network issues; the clod server comes into play. It handles the load, by transferring the website to an active server over the same cloud, without losing any data of the client or their customers at any cost.
3.   Less hardware is involved in the setup, hence lots of space is saved in this arrangement.
4.   Power consumption is comparatively low, due to decrease in hardware usage clients.
5.   There is no fear of losing our valuable client data.
6.   Dedicated and VPS cloud servers are available with most of the leading service providers that offer cloud hosting services.
7.   Client can choose 32 bit or 64 bit platforms, as well as the choice to get Windows of Linux web hosting servers are open to them.
8.   Virtualization technologies like Xen is available with leading providers, who even offer VNC access along with, web based cansol to control their web accounts within a cloud.
9.   All the websites are secured with SSL certificate, to prevent any kind of theft or misuse of data over the internet

The firs and the most important advantage is you get the great value for your money. You pay almost the same amount or less as basic shared hosting, but you get a set of features of dedicated server hosting at lower price.
The next advantage of cloud server is that you can add or remove server at anytime and instant scaling up or down is traffic feature! If you need another server to handle the large amount of traffic that you’re getting, then you can opt for an additional cloud server, and you can get it up and run within minutes.
Also cloud servers come with the guarantee of virtually no down time.This means you will almost never see your website go down, and in the unlikely event that they do go down, the down time won’t last for more than a few seconds, which is very impressive. This one of the main reasons cloud server hosting has gotten a good reputation.
Keeping all these advantages in mid, one can easily see why cloud server hosting is such an attractive proposition. It is indeed very suitable for large number of people, who want to get complete control over their website functions, and yet not lighten their pockets too much.
This is truly a great deal for such kind of people, who will get a great deal of features that they can only usually get for dedicated servers. So if you haven’t already looked into cloud server hosting, it’s about time that you do it.